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We're parents, first. App developers, second.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that the NomoCard apps were born out of playing with our toddler, Zac (that's his cute mug at right). We were against electronic devices for Zac. We were going to raise him without new technologies, embracing low-tech toys and outside play. And then a surprising thing happened—we changed our minds. We discovered what great learning tools iPads and the like can be. And Zac loved playing the games (a special shout-out to the apps of Toca Boca—you should definitely check them out if you're not familiar). Then one day we were sitting down doing traditional flash cards with Zac. We'd set out two or three word cards at a time and then ask him to identify a word. He was only two, so identifying which of the three cards in front of him said "ball," for instance, was certainly challenging. But it didn't take long for it to start to click in. We Immediately decided to go the App Store to download a flash card game or two for him to play the next time we were in the car or having some device-time. But we couldn't find one we liked. Most of the apps had cards with pictures and words together, which made reading unnecessary. Or a math problem on one side of the card and possible answers on the other—so you couldn't view the problem and potential answers at the same time. We wanted a flash card app that worked the same way as traditional cards, so we decided to make one. We're very pleased with how the apps have turned out. And, not surprisingly, so is Zac.
Here are our recommendations for getting the most out of our NomoCard apps:
1. Sit down and work with your child. While the apps are created for solo play, there's no replacement for the help and encouragement of a parent, sibling or teacher. Particularly as your child begins with the app, your help will be indispensable. 2. Let your child start slow. It takes a lot of brain power to tackle reading and math problems. At first, you may find that your kid only wants to do one, two or a handful of problems at a sitting. That's not just fine-it's great. Any progress is good progress and for most children you'll find that once things start clicking, the sessions will get longer and longer. 3. Each of the apps offers different playing options. Be sure to check them out. Switching the way the game is played (finding the right word instead of the right picture, for instance) can help keep the apps feeling fresh and your child feeling interested. Thank you for your interest in NomoCards. We hope you and your kids enjoy our apps. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please click here to send us an email. —Allyson, Bob and the entire NomoCards team